How I Built A Life I Love

Virtual Business. Direct Selling. Coaching <<— I’ll admit, none of this was on my radar five years ago.

In fact, I loved my job.

I spent years working hard to get to where I was in my career and I was PROUD of what I had already achieved—and the continued success I knew was coming. And then… almost out of nowhere… I ran smack dab into the (all too familiar) glass ceiling. And to make matters worse—and it’s never easy to say out loud—I was NOT balancing the whole “working mom” thing very well. The day I didn’t get the raise (that had my name on it) I knew I… and my family… deserved better.

It was time to take back my life.

After some time as curious wallflower following my friend’s journey in direct sales, I finally popped into her inbox. She seemed happy… full of life… and FREE. One quick conversation and I began my beautiful, breathtaking, adventurous, expectation-busting dream career business of my own.

Five years later…

-> One of the highest achievable titles in the company…

-> More money in the bank (and play money to enjoy the things we love)

->A brand new luxury car (courtesy of the company)

->And more vacations than a gal can even plan for (yeah, right… I’m always ready!)

You could say I’ve found my groove.


My days look a lot different than they did back then. I traded stilettos for flip flops… and stress for gratitude. I’m there for after school forts and snuggles… and midday lunches with my girlfriends. We fuel our wanderlust spirits often throughout the year… and my husband and I count our lucky stars for the life our family is thriving in.

Now, instead of traffic jams and commutes, I use that time I got back to check in with clients, inspire other women and fall in love with the flexibility of this industry a little bit more each day.

And it only happened when I dared to DREAM BIGGER.

PS: Still have a commute as you transform your side hustle to full time passion? Not a problem—I love showing women how to leverage their commutes to achieve their goals FASTER.

As a stay at home mom to 4 living in Southern California with one income, I needed to help supplement income. Although I had very little expectations of the business due to my prior experience with direct sales, I opted to jump in. I didn’t initially know Kristen, but quickly respected her work ethic and passion. Kristen graciously mentored and coached me, along with my growing team. Kristen has a unique mind capable of strategy and the ability to read numbers and statistics in a way that rapidly produces growth. Her previous career gives her an advantage at seeing and producing growth that leads to big results. I have loved receiving the benefits of getting a glimpse into her mind and learning a whole way of leveraging systems of this business to maximize its full potential. In under three years, I created a six-figure income that has allowed me to give back more than I had ever imagined and to build a dream home for my family.

Kristen leads by example and truly is passionate about her business. She has shown me it it possible to build from anywhere, while also living a life you love. I am forever thankful for the time she has been so gracious to give and continues to lavish on her team.

– Ashlynn Herren | Jurupa Valley, California

I started my business with Rodan + Fields because of my friendship and past experience working with Kristen. When deciding if I was going to start my own business with R+F, it was important to me to have a mentor that could help me create a successful business. Kristen has a long, proven track record of success in every step of her career and Rodan + Fields has been no different. I came to R+F with no experience in direct sales and Kristen mentored me from day one on how to grow my business, alongside my full-time career in software. Led by her example, I have been able to leave my corporate career behind and be home with my three children, all while still having my own business. I could not have done any of it without her.

– Gayle Kalvert | Dix Hills, NY 

In the beginning of 2015 I was in desperate need of a change. I was a full-time working mom in the financial industry, working long hours, add a long commute with two small children spending way too much time in day care. I felt I was failing in all areas of life… as a mom, as a wife and as an employee. I was lost and I needed to make a change but didn’t want to sacrifice time or money.

When Kristen and I first chatted, I had no idea how I would fit an at-home business into my already super busy schedule with work, family and play… but I knew I had to try because there really weren’t any other options. Kristen was able to be successful with a busy life and I knew she would be the perfect person to coach me how to do it all. Boy was I right! Kristen is an exceptional leader that always found the time to show me the way and help me grow and succeed! After 18 months of working with Kristen, I left my full-time job because I was able to match my corporate salary. A year later, I was able to double it and our life looks very different now, thanks to this opportunity and Kristen’s guidance. Our family is forever grateful!

– Kelly Koury | San Diego, CA 

Kristen is one of the most strategic, forward thinking and driven entrepreneurs that I’ve ever known. Since the day she made the decision to start her own business, I knew that she would be a force. Not only has she proven that to be true, she proves it on a daily basis.

When you work with Kristen, she motivates you to step up your game, pushes you to your full potential and inspires you to be more creative, because that is how she operates.
I am so thankful to have locked arms with her as a business partner and have loved watching every second of her journey into becoming the strong leader she is today.

– Melissa McCarthy | Wyckoff, New Jersey