Everyone gets their start in this business a different way.

For some, it’s by accident, after falling in love with the products.

For others, they’ve seen the success of others and crave it for themselves.

Commonly, it’s to take back control of their lives and step away from the 9-5 (kind of like me ).

Then for others, it’s to find the balance between a job they love and raising babiesalso kind of like me.

And Ashlynn Herren knows a thing or two about raising babies… four to be exact.

You see, Ashlynn and her husband didn’t have the traditional “family plan” that many of us do. They desperately wanted a family of their own but with adoption as their last option, it was beginning to look bleak.

Until they got “the call” one day for their oldest son and everything changed—and changed BIG.

Not only did they welcome a new baby but Ashlynn quit her salaried corporate position ON THE SPOT. No second guesses… no weighing the pro’s and con’s… they had already decided that their now growing family was priority #1.

And with that went half of their household income.

AND THEN… came three more babies, one after another. With mounting international adoption loans, they’re hearts were certainly full but their pockets were not.

Ashlynn was a hustler, though. She learned how to make wedding cakes, sold things on online and dabbled in direct sales. She did whatever it took to help provide for their beautifully blended family.

But after Ashlynn wound up in the hospital for a life-saving surgery, she began to notice that she didn’t quite look like herself anymore. She never was much of a skincare product user but thought that maybe finding the perfect face wash was all she needed.

And let’s be honest… that fresh skin glow? It can move mountains.

Slowly, but surely, Ashlynn started using Rodan and Fields products and over time, began to fall in love with the company. She flirted with the idea—to herself only, of course—of joining but still had a bad taste in her mouth from the last flop in direct sales.

Surely, they’re all the same she reminded herself. Surely, she would spend all her time (and money) hosting parties to people that never bought. No thanks.

Except that Ashlynn couldn’t get the thought out of her head and finally approached her husband. His reaction? “You have to commit. You don’t have to be good at it but you have to go ALL IN.”

And so she did. After investing in one of the larger business kits, she started paying attention to the leaders in the company around her.

>> What they were saying about the products.

>> The tips they had for selling with ease.

>> How to build her confidence to stand apart.

Ashlynn and I instantly connected when we first me. She was sharp, coachable and inspiring. She had already made a promise to herself that failure was not an option—and it was my role to support and coach her to uphold that promise.

Due to her innately curious nature, she was always asking questions and challenging me to think outside the box as a leader, but above all, she trusted the system for success that I was teaching her.

She was getting it.

In handfuls of time she would work: when the babies slept, early in the morning before the house rose, or even during a 2AM feeding. It was on her schedule, at her convenience and before she knew it, business was growing and so was the interest from others. Quickly, her initial promise to herself began to have a ripple effect on her team—and their culture—and the results started speaking for themselves. She stayed on course, always believing in herself and this opportunity this business created for those touched by it.

Fast forward to today… those adoption loans? PAID.

Her income? TRIPLE what it was in her 50+ hour a week corporate position.

Her passion for the business? ON FIRE!

Now Ashlynn enjoys flexibility, freedom and the sound of eight excited feet running up and down the halls all day long. She has teams in three countries, runs her business from her phone and is continuously in awe of how this has transformed not just the life of her family—but that of her team, as well.

As she grew, they grew… and lives have been changed forever.

“I’m amazed at how this business can help ordinary people to do extraordinary things when they dare to see what’s possible.”
-Ashlynn Joy

Are you ready to be the next success story?